Communication Materials

Below, you’ll find links to some important resources to help communicate about the importance of early childhood in Virginia.

Communication Tools

Which Path - Quality school readiness programs & services and VA's workforce.
Risks & Results
ROI - Heckman Equation
Human Brain Development - Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University
Blueprint Virginia

Executive Briefing Materials

The Virginia Early Childhood Foundation and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce are pleased to host an annual Executive Briefing on the Economics of Early Childhood – an event highlighting the direct link between a strong start in the early years and a vibrant productive workforce for the Commonwealth. Speakers, including business executives and leading researchers, focus on the importance of early childhood education for Virginia's economic competitiveness. Below are past speeches and materials.

Executive Briefing 2018

Dr. Michael Friedlander - The Underlying Biological Process of Early Brain Development and Learning

Gary Thomson - The Roadmap for School Readiness: A Win-Win Opportunity for Virginia

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Executive Briefing 2017

Shawn Boyer - Early Childhood Development: Driving Virginia's Current and Future Workforce

Dr. Laura Jana - Upstream Innovation: Nurturing the Skills Today that will Shape Virginia's Children Tomorrow

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Executive Briefing 2016

Mike Chinn - All Aboard: Growing Momentum for Strategic Early Childhood Investment in Virginia 

Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D. - Early Learning and the Developing Brain: The Importance of the First 2000 Days

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Executive Briefing 2015

Paul D. Koonce - Building a Competitive Workforce Right from the Start

Jeffery Lacker - Early Childhood Education in the Context of Lifetime Human Capital Investment

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Executive Briefing 2014

Mike Petters - Economics of Early Childhood 

Dr. Craig T. Ramey - Research of Early Childhood

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