VA's Quality Rating & Improvement System Online Professional Development Series

Virginia’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) assists child care and preschool programs in providing high quality early care and education services to families. These modules are a sampling of the online professional development series that was developed to provide professionals who work at and with programs participating in Virginia’s QRIS with free and easy access to interactive and engaging online professional development related to Virginia’s QRIS standards. To Learn more about Virginia’s QRIS click here.  To learn more about the Virginia Quality Online Professional Development Series or to find out how to apply for Virginia's QRIS, contact


Orientation to Virginia's QRIS- 30 minutes

Learn what a Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) is and why high quality child care and preschool is critical, the goals and standards of Virginia's QRIS, and the criteria and required improvement activities included at each Quality Level. Click here to view course info for Orientation to Virginia's QRIS.


Supporting Kindergarten Transition - 15 minutes

Learn the importance of Kindergarten transition to children's future success, how to support children's transition to Kindergarten, and creative transition activities they can put in place at a childcare center or preschool program.  Click here to view course info for Supporting Kindergarten Transition.

Resources for Working Families - 30 minutes

Learn the 5 protective factors that strengthen families, how to support and engage families in meaningful ways, and how to access free resources through the Strengthening Families website.  Click here to view course info for Resources for Working Families.

Resources for Promoting School Readiness - 45 minutes

Learn about Virginia's Milestones of Childhood Development and Virginia's Foundation Blocks for Early Learning and how to use these resources in a child care or preschool program to support children's school readiness.  Click here to view course info for Resources for Promoting School Readiness.